From the Principal

Dear Parents,

Happy Easter!  I hope everyone had a restful Easter break and that we are all ready to finish out the school year. I apologize for not writing more often in the semi-weekly e-blasts.  It has been a whirlwind of a year, and I endeavor to write more articles for next school year.

We are heading into the final weeks of the school year, and they are packed with a myriad of activities.  May 1st – 5th is teacher appreciation week (shhh), and the Home and School Association will be taking care of our fantastic teachers. Additionally, on May 3rd we have Catholic Connections, and I look forward to my introduction of this excellent tradition.  Also on May 3rd, Bishop Solis will be confirming our 8th graders at 7:00 pm at Saint John the Baptist Church.  On May 4th, we will have our May Crowning Mass, and as always, parents are invited to attend this beautiful liturgy.  Lastly, we will have our Farewell Mass for 8th graders on May 23rd and graduation Mass on May 24th.

Unfortunately, we will have a few teachers moving on next year to different careers, other schools, and retirement.  I am firm believer that change in inevitable, but growth it optional.  We will miss Mr. Block, Senora DeRoda, Ms. Corbin, Ms. Dickson, Ms. Wyman, and Ms. K, but we are working hard to fill each of these positions with a qualified applicant who is vested in the mission of Catholic education.

The end of the 2016-2017 school year will be upon us shortly, and I thank all of you for a wonderful first year at SJBMS. I believe we have a very good school, and I look forward to working with parents, teachers, students and staff to make SJBMS a great place for everyone to be.

Faithfully Yours,

Mr. Patrick Reeder